Illustrated Fluteplaying (Third Edition)



Illustrated Fluteplaying, now in a third revised edition, is a true classic. Throughout Illustrated Fluteplaying, hundreds of sensitively drawn and anatomically accurate pictures explain the details of flute playing in a way that makes it come alive.  This is combined with a marvellous sense of fun, making Illustrated Fluteplaying a magical book.  Illustrated Fluteplaying is a must for practising flute players, students, teachers and those who are teaching themselves.  It has also proved a boon to general woodwind teachers who are not experts on the flute. It features:

  • A superbly illustrated discussion of the basics of fluteplaying bringing the subject immediately to life.
  • Detailed descriptions and pictures of breathing, tonguing, vibrato, tuning and advanced techniques giving a new sense of clarity to the most difficult topics.
  • A picture for every point to be taught or remembered.
  • A comprehensive index, making it an ideal reference book.

For self instructionThis is the ideal book for self instruction as it really shows you how to do things.  How to hold your flute.  How to practice getting a note.  How to exercise the mouth muscles and so on.  “Clarity is such that this is surely the next best thing to a personal demonstration from an expert teacher” says Wally Harwood in the Journal of the British Association of Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles. 

For teaching: Teachers find this book a wonderful teaching aid.  Whether it is the amusing ideas like rabbit exercises or crystal clear pictures of hand positions, a teacher can turn to a picture and make the point in an instant.  One general woodwind teacher approached Jeanie Mellersh in New Zealand and almost fell on her neck “This book saved my life!” , she said.  She was a clarinettist working as a general woodwind teacher and she found the book a lifesaver when she came to teach the flute. 

Experienced flute teachers love it too.  Lesley Hatcher, one of the most successful flute teachers of school-age children, said “From the very first lesson to Grade 8 and beyond, I have yet to find a pupil who has not benefited from these brilliant illustrations and the authority of the text …..Who would have thought a guide could be so informative and yet so amusing.  Even students beyond Grade 8 are happy to start sessions with “rabbit exercises” and “hamster cheeks”. I cannot praise it enough.  It is my flute teaching bible!”

For advanced techniques. Robin Soldan is an acknowledged expert in dynamics, tuning and the art of breathing. He has succeeded in analysing what he does and this book shows it all in clear text and informative pictures,

For pleasure: This is a lovely book full of artistic and amusing drawings. Most people who own it cherish it.

As a gift: Every flautist from beginner to expert would like this book as a gift.

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