Soldan, Robin

Robin Soldan is one of Britain’s leading flute teachers and has taught many of the best flute students in the UK. He is also a wonderful player, noted for his lovely tone and immense knowledge.

After studying at the Guildhall School of Music in London, he worked as a flute teacher and performer for several education authorities in the UK. He is now a freelance player and teacher, travelling extensively to take master classes, give recitals and organize flute events. He has been the senior flute teacher at four specialist music courses Including the Wells Cathedral School and Peter Symonds College in Winchester, and he was the Head of Woodwind at Southampton University.

He organized the annual Flute Teachers’ Course for many years on behalf of the British Flute Society, and he is the author of a number of other recent books on flute technique – Flute Fingers (PEM) and Fit Fluteplaying. These are available from Jonathan Myall Music. Robin’s 60 strong flute orchestra “Flautissimo” as well as a number of other flute ensembles have regularly appeared at the School Proms on TV and have collected many awards.

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