The Fife Book

The fife book method teaches embouchure technique, breath control and basic fingerings, on a plastic side-blown flute.

“Why start on the fife?”

  • Get to grips with basic techniques without having to spend hundreds of pounds on a flute
  • Perfect for small first-time flute players: small and light
  • In many instances, more suitable to small beginners than a regular flute
  • When the player moves on to a flute, they will have well-developed skills and will advance more quickly
  • Easy to maintain: no breakable parts, no oiling, no servicing!
  • Start playing well-known tunes straight away


The purpose of this book is an introductory course to flute playing. For many years I have used this method to introduce people of all ages to flute playing, and now I would never start anyone in any other way. The book is aimed at beginners and should take roughtly 10 weeks or one school term. It is not intended to be a “self-tutor” and it should be used with a flute teacher. Most of the material is very simple and although recorder players might find they can whizz through the tunes very quickly, I do find that 10 weeks is a good amount of time to begin establishing a good embouchure and posture. The ten week period can quite easily be extended for younger children or slower learners.

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