Five Miniature Sound-Paintings for Bass Flute and Piano


These miniature “sound-paintings” represent imaginary paintings that the listener can create in their minds from the music. The titles of each are descriptive to aid the imagination…

  • “Bells in the Mist” – it might be an image of parish church bells echoing across a meadow in the mist or warning bells during a fog at sea…
  • “Kandinskoscope” – a contemporary painting of colour and vibrancy by Kandinsky.
  • “Waves” – could be a painting of waves at sea – or the waves of a sand-dune – or waves of light or sound……
  • “The Darkling Flame” – an old oil painting – glimpses of old faces by candle light – ancient instruments – wood – varnish…..
  • “Sparks Fly” – maybe a painting of fireworks – or a blast furnace – or sparks of electricity – you decide

Five Miniature Sound Paintings uses a large range of new flute sounds – tongue pizzicato, breath sounds, circular breathing, singing, harmonics, glissandi – plus new piano techniques of harmonics played on the strings.

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